The Diary of Albert Einstein

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Dear Diary,

Throughout my life, I liked and disliked many things. Importantly, I believed and disbelieved in many things. Here I leave you with some of my thoughts hopping that you can understand some of what I believe in this life:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

“I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.”

“A person starts to live when he can live outside himself.”

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

~ Albert~

In my spare time

Dear Diary,

I have carried on about my life; my studies, works, and honors. Now I need to tell you what I do for fun! I love to play violin. I feel that it is a release for me and I can completely relax when playing. Sometimes if I was stumped on a problem, or could not quite get the answer off my tongue, I would go play my violin and “BAM!”, I would have the answer. I cannot explain how that happened, but it did!

Another thing that I loved to do what ride my bike, obviously!! (See picture below)


Life after work

Dear Diary,

So, after I retired from teaching I knew that I was going to do just about anything but waiting around to die. I was going to make use of my time! My discoveries after I retired are said to be my most remarkable feats. Science was one of my favorite subjects, and I began to study it very intensely. I came up with the theory of relativity and the photon theory  of light. I also studied the theory of radiation and studied the laws of mechanics and the electromagnetic field. These are just a few of my achievements and areas of interest to study.

Some of my important works include General Theory of Relativity (1916), Investigation on Theory of Brownian Movement (1926), and The Evolution of Physics (1938). I take great pride in my work, as I dedicated my life to it. I did publish some non-scientific work which included About Zionism (1930) and Out of My Later Years (1950). I did write a lot more, but those are a couple of my most “important” works.

As they say, my hard work did pay off. In 1925, I won the Copley Medal of the Royal Society of London, and the Franklin Medal of the Franklin Institute in 1935. In medicine, philosophy, and science I earned honorary degrees from American and European universities.

I am so humbled to have received all these great honors, and am very thankful for the recognition.


My story continues…

Dear Diary,

Now, where was I when I last left off? Oh yes, my endeavor in learning to teach physics and mathematics! Anyway, once I obtained my diploma, I searched and search for a teaching job. You see, I had gained Swiss citizenship while studying there, and kind of liked the place! I ended up not being able to find a job as a teacher, and settled as a technical assistant at the Swiss Patent Office. All this time I felt that I could amount to much more, so while I was working I was also studying for my doctorate degree. I finally earned the honor in 1905.

After years of moving around from country to country teaching and advancing my learning, I ended up in the United States teaching Theoretical Physics at Princeton University. I dearly loved this job, as it was what I had aspired to be as a young adult. I ended up retiring in 1945, only five years after earning my citizenship in the United States. Although my careers may have stopped, my life did not slow down. I will tell you more about that later!

Oops! One of my science experiments is running away! Catch ya later!

A Little About Myself…

Dear Diary,

I feel as though I should begin by telling you a little about my life. I was born in Ullm in Wurttemburg, Germany. As my parents grew tired of the town, we moved to Munich. It was there that I began my schooling as a young boy. I attended school at the Luitpold Gymnasium. After a few years there my family moved to Italy and then Switzerland. All of this moving around was not my idea, but I have to say that I did feel very well cultured in my early years. In Switzerland, I attended the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School and trained to be a teacher. I was particularly interested in physics and mathematics, and so I aspired to teach those subjects.

Ahh, it is getting late my friends. I must go and will continue in my journal writing very soon…

Goodnight all!

My Sister, Maja, and I

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